Thermal Engineering by RK.Rajput PDF free download

Are you looking for Thermal Engineering by RK.Rajput PDF ? The branch of engineering courses which deals with heating and cooling processes, equipments is called Thermal Engineering. It is used in Cooling of computer chips; Boiler designs; Solar heating system; design of combustion engines, etc. Fundamentals that are used under the subject are Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Mass transfer and Fluid mechanics.

RK. Rajput Thermal Engineering Textbook pdf download

Thermal Engineering by Rajput was written in a simple and easy language. From basic level, the concepts are explained elaborately for a better understanding of the concepts. The book is useful for the students from both semester and competitive examination point of view. The theory concepts in the book are included with diagrams and charts for easy understanding of the students.

There are modelled question and answers, objective questions, practise papers etc for the students to practise more and more for competitive examination in the RK.Rajput Thermal Engineering pdf  8th edition book. There are unsolved examples from much different competitive examination like UPSC, Gate etc for preparing for competitive examinations. The book includes all the topics that are important from examination point of view. . You may also check Heat and mass transfer pdf by RK.Rajput and wings of fire pdf

Features of the book Thermal Engineering by RK.Rajput

  • The Presentation of the Subject Matter Is Very Systematic in a well organised manner And the Language of the Text Is Easy to Understand.
  • Each Chapter of book is included with theoretical text supported by neat and self-explanatory diagrams to make the subject easy for well understanding of the students.
  • A large number of solved examples, questions from different Universities, U.P.S.C., Gate Etc., examination question papers, have been included in various chapters to enable the students to attempt different types of questions in the examination.
  • At the end of each chapter highlights, objective type questions, theoretical questions and unsolved examples are added to make the book a must have book for all thermal engineers.
About the Author:  The book is written by R.K Rajput. In  association with Laxmi Publishers he has come out with several other book titles to help budding thermal engineers.

Heat and Mass transfer pdf by RK.Rajput free download

Heat and Mass Transfer by RK.Rajput book is mainly recommended for the students appearing for BSc, Engineering, AMIE, and GATE examinations. This book is a must have book for the students who would like to gain knowledge from the basics of Heat and mass topics. From the very basic level, R.K.Rajput has explained the concepts very clearly that students can understand the topic easily in less time.

The wordings that are used in the book are very simple and can be understood by the students. It is a best reference book for competitive exams. it covers almost all the topics that might be appear in the exam. There are number of solved examples that help the students to understand the way of approaching to the solution.

Download RK.Rajput Heat and Mass Transfer PDF/Ebook 


The book is mainly divided into five sections. Each section is further divided into sub topics for better acknowledgement. A step by step process is followed to understand the topic right from the basic level. 

Part1: Heat Transfer by Conduction, Part2: Heat Transfer By Convection, Part3: Heat Transfer By Radiation, Part4: Mass Transfer and Part5: Objective Type Question Bank

Number of multiple choice questions is there in the book for practice. There are solved examples for knowing the procedure of the solution. It is a helpful book for the students appearing for competitive exams and mainly for mechanical engineering branch.

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Wonderful explanation and concepts with colourful presentation add value to the Heat and mass transfer by Rajput book. Not only in numerical point of view, theoretical part is also explained vividly. Diagrams are represented with different colours that attract the students for learning the concept.

Heat and Mass Transfer PDF

  • Author: R.K. Rajput
  • Publisher: S. Chand
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback

R.K. Rajput is an Indian author. The main aim of R.K. Rajput in writing this book was to understand the topics of Heat and Mass Transfer from the basics. He has written other educational books like Strength Of Materials: Mechanics Of Solids, Thermal Engineering, and many more.

Wings of Fire PDF APJ Abdul Kalam Autobiography free download

APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the most prominent personalities who became an Indian scientist and President of India in the period between 2002 and 2007. Kalam is a true inspiration and role model for each and individual who have strong goals and who have complete focus towards achieving their aims in the best way. “Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam” is a book which was written by himself and Arun Tiwari and the book was published in the year 1999.

In this book, we can look at the deep insights about the life of Abdul Kalam and how he turned out to become a great scientist and President of India. He is a renowned and most respectable personality who has completely dedicated his life towards his research and other programs. Abdul Kalam is also known as the “Missile Man of India” by all the Indians. If you are seeking to know much more about Abdul Kalam, the true missile man of India, we have come up with his biography.

Download APJ Abdul Kalam Wings Of Fire PDF/Ebook (Autobiography)

Here is everything you need to know about the hardship and the struggles confronted by Abdul Kalam during his lifespan both in his personal, professional, political and research life. Here are some things you need to learn from the great person who has delivered some message and inspiring words to each and every individual. Take a look!

Deep Insights into ‘Wings of Fire’

In the book of ‘Wings of Fire, you can look at some interesting things about Kalam that scrutinizes his initial life, determination, struggle, hardship, courage, good fortune and fortuitous that ultimately drove him to become a true leader at Indian space research, nuclear, and other missile programs. Kalam has initiated his career after completing his graduation from Aerospace engineering at MIT in Chennai, India, at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and he was given an assignment to build a hovercraft model.

APJ Abdul Kalam is a prominent Indian scientist who has become the 11th President of India (2002-2007). The Missile Man of India has been awarded India’s three highest civilian awards and most prestigious awards such as Padmabhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna. ‘Wings of Fire’ is an epic of independent India that shows the life of a courageous and incredibly knowledgeable person in the country.

Kalam – The ‘True Inspiration’

The book refers to the long journey of Kalam from his meek backgrounds of Rameswaram to his development as a leading space scientist in India. In addition, the book also summaries the country’s advancement in military and space science, from the past ‘60’s to the recent ‘90’s. The book covers the complete life of Kalam in the past and later after becoming the President of India. In the year 2013, the autobiography of Kalam has been titled with the name as ‘My Journey Transforming Dreams into actions’ has been released.

We can witness the saga of a common person who came from a modest background turned out to become a significant persona in Indian space research/Indian missile programs and later became the president of India. You can also understand how Kalam turned as a scientist from a normal newspaper worker and later worked for the defence project of India. You can also learn how Kalam overcome his struggles, failures and catastrophes and aroused to be the Missile Man of India.

Copious Languages

The book ‘Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam’ has become quite popular in the country and it has been translated into several languages. At first, the autobiography was published in English language and later it has been translated into more than 13 other languages that include Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Marathi, and Braille. Besides the Indian languages, the book has been translated into Chinese and French languages as well. This is all you need to know about the epic book.

Semiconductor Physics and devices by D.E.Neaman PDF free download

Semiconductor Physics And Devices is a well-known book for students who are pursuing their undergraduate degrees in semiconductor physics and devices. In this book, the students will come across the concepts like quantum theory of solids, semiconductor device physics, semiconductor material physics, and quantum mechanics, which helps in clearing all misconceptions, and enable the student to understand the concepts clear.


In Semiconductor Physics And Devices pdf comprises of 10 chapters like Non equilibrium Excess Carriers In Semiconductors, Special Semiconductor Devices And Advance Processes, and Introduction To The Quantum Theory Of Solids,  p-n Junction Diode And Semiconductor Heterostructure, and Physics And Crystal Properties Of Semiconductors.

This book contains numerous examples along with review questions. Additionally, there are many problems outlined in the book with neat diagrams, that helps in understanding the concepts in detail. Semiconductor physics and devices book is also part of the syllabus for B.Tech students at UPTU. Hence we suggest this book as the best source for all departments of engineering to pursue complete basic knowledge on semiconductor physics and devices with clear flow diagrams and this helps you in preparing competative exams like PGCET, GATE etc.,

Various topics covered in Semiconductor Physics and devices by D.E.Neaman & Dhrubes Biswas 

1. Physics and Crystal Properties of Semiconductors
2. Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Solids
3. The Semiconductor in Equilibrium
4. Carrier Transport Phenomena
5. Non equilibrium Excess Carriers in Semiconductors
6. The PN Junction
7. p-n Junction Diode and Semiconductor Heterostructure
8. The Bipolar Transistor
9. The Field Effect Transistor
10. Special Semiconductor Devices and Advance Processes

About The Authors Donald E. Neaman & Dhrubes Biswas 

Donald E. Neaman is a renowned author and professor of engineering studies. Apart from this book, Neamen has also published other books like Electronic Circuit Analysis, Microelectronics Circuit Analysis And Design and An Introduction To Semiconductor Devices.

Donald E. Neaman currently working in the Department Of Electrical And Computer Engineering, University Of New Mexico, serving in the post of professor emeritus. He completed his doctoral degree from University Of New Mexico. In the year 1980, the University Of New Mexico presented Newman with the Outstanding Teacher Award. He has been awarded several times for his immense contribution towards educating students in the field of engineering.  He has also served  as Associate Chair of the ECE department for a number of years.

Dhrubes Biswas is popular professor in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering. Dhrubes Biswas holds a doctoral degree from Illinois university, USA, and currently works at IIT, Kharagpur. Dhrubes Biswas is also on the editorial board for EBRF Research Forum To Understand Business In Knowledge Society. Dhrubes Biswas has published several articles in different publications. 

Design of Machine Elements PDF by VB.Bhandari free download/ buy online

This version of Design of Machine Elements by VB Bhandari has been changed and redesigned to present new points and instructive components. In this book, students can find a few understood and unsolved questions for practice.  In mechanical building, machine outline has an essential spot as it contains specialized data, new and imaginative thoughts for the change of machines. Outline of Machine Elements covers all the substance, hypotheses, definitions, and formulae and so on which are obliged while planning a machine. This reading material is as per the syllabus followed in different specialized sheets, proficient looking at bodies, (for example, Institute of Engineers), and colleges.

Download Design of Machine Elements Pdf by vb bhandari [ebook]

There is a quarter century in this book portraying and clarifying each methodology and thought grateful while outlining a machine. Students get ready for focused exams, for example, GATE and UPSC can likewise allude to this book for help.  In every section of design of machine elements book there is a presentation clarifying the part and its capacities hypothetically took after by outlines, formulae, representations, tackled, and unsolved issues. Likewise included are isometric and free-body outlines of the machine for better seeing wherever needed. 

Numerical cases are tackled efficiently so understudy can comprehend system of the outline. All units utilized as a part of this book are as per Indian gauges. The third release of this book was distributed by Tata McGraw Hills Education in 2010. It is accessible in soft cover. 
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Key Features of VB.Bhandari Design of machines text book

  • This book contains two new sections, in particular Design of Riveted Joints and Design of Engine Components. 
  • Numerical illustrations are settled by orderly approach.
  • The book is very useful for competitive examinations with more useful examples.

Design of Machine Elements PDF Free Download online

People searching for Design of Machine Elements PDF Free Download can download the full version from here. Here the PDF links were provided chapter-wise. You can choose the chapter and download the corresponding link. The Design of Machine Elements is the best book for main examinations like GATE, UPSC and others. By reading this book you can clear the machine design part of any paper. The syllabus covered in this book is very much useful for machine design complete preparation. The book consists many of the solved examples, charts, illustrations, and also solved and unsolved problems for practitioners. People searching over internet can get the free version of Design of Machine Elements from here. 

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Fundamentals Of Computers PDF by Reema Thareja free download / ebook

Are you looking for a perfect book to learn the A to Z  fundamentals of computers, then we advise you to go with the book Fundamentals of Computers by Reema Thareja.

computer fundamentals by reema thareja free pdf

Download Fundamentals of computers pdf by Reema Thareja/ ebook download

Fundamentals of computers is a well known book published by Oxford University Press and is mainly used by the students of B.Tech, BCA, BBA and MCA. Also the students of Diploma courses and Polytechnic, prefer this book as it is good source of information providing the best knowledge in computer fundamentals.

Various topics covered in this Computer fundamentals  pdf:

Fundamentals of Computers by Reema Thareja is also an ideal book for those who want to do self-learning. The book covers basic concepts such as Organisation, Architecture, details about input and output devices, primary and secondary memory and advanced concepts like Operating systems, databases and computer networks. Also it provides information about MS Word, MS Powerpoint and Excel.

The Fundamentals of computers textbook authored by Reema Thareja was published by the Oxford university Press in 2014 with a total of 292 pages.

Fundamentals of computers by Reema Thareja pdf free download

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